Sorry that this is so late, but here is what you have all been waiting for!! Sister of the Month and Chair of the Month for August is here!!!

Sister of the Month
Brionna Ledford 
 With recruitment behind us now is a time to reflect on those who really stepped up and stood out, Brionna is one of those ladies! “She has really stepped up when I needed her to help and exemplifies loyalty! She is so respectful and did an amazing job with any task that I asked her to do during recruitment,” states out recruitment chair.
She is completely loyal and makes us so proud every single day. She is ritual assistant and helps out tremendously with the position. Brionna is constantly going out of her way to be with her sisters and we are so happy to have her as out Sister of the month!!!

Chair Holder of the Month
Alana Ernst 

Our July Sister of the Month is also really shining in her position of Clothing Chair. She worked so hard to make the fantastic bright pink nautical bid day shirts as well as some beautiful black nautical bags. She is extremely creative and has brought this position to a whole new level with her talents!

“I could not have done it with out her,” States our new member educator in regards to all of the orders and designing for our bid day, which was probably one of the best bid days ever! Congratulations Alana and keep on shining, you are an inspiration for all of us to do better in our positions!


Welcome to The GΘΦd Life!

After an extremely long, exciting recruitment week, we are so happy to welcome 62 New Members to Theta Phi Alpha! Bid day was absolutely fantastic and these ladies have joined with full force, already participating in all of our fun events for example, playing intramural Volley Ball for our team. Yesterday was a full day of New Member events as we, all together, attended the Panhellenic “New Member Pep Rally” themed meeting and then a T-shirt sister social later in the day!

Thank you so much for all of our Collegiate sisters for working so hard during recruitment week and to all of the Alumnae who came out to support. Congratulations to all of our New Members on receiving a bid to, and finding your home in our beautiful sisterhood! We are so happy to call you all Theta Phi Alphas!


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Sister of the Month
Alana Ernst
 Alana is our Super Star! She is a great example of a devoted Theta Phi Alpha sister. Her smiling face can be seen at almost every single Theta Phi Alpha event, but don’t let that fool you. She is a hard working Theatre student, who shines on the stage and in school, all while working hard off campus.
Since day one Alana has been a leader in Theta Phi Alpha and is currently holding two positions in our chapter. A member of Theta Phi Alpha says, “She is inspiraional and has a huge heart. Alana has great idas, and I am excited to see what she does with them.”

Chair Holder of the Month
Kara Davis 

Kara definitely deserves to be chair of the month! She lives up to our creed every single day and she is always prompt with all of her responsibilities no matter what hardships come her way. We are so proud to have a leader like Kara, influencing others to stay true to their commitments and to themselves!

“She [Kara] has been doing a great job and is the best person for both positions!” States a sister of Theta Phi Alpha. Kara (pronounced Car-uh) is both our Fundraising Chair as well as a rightful member of our Standards Board.

Collegiate Years and Beyond!

Our sister, Minnie Bhimani, Shares her experience working with Theta Phi Alpha AFTER her collegiate years with the Panhellenic community. “Ever Loyal, Ever Lasting”

Congratulations Daynelys, the new Mrs.Gibbins!

Yesterday was one of the most important days of our sister, Daynelys’s life, who was married to her long time love, Lance!

Congratulations Daynelys, one of the most beautiful people inside and out, from all of your sisters of Theta Phi Alpha! We wish the happiest of all marriages and the best of luck to you and your new husband! He is one lucky guy!!!


There is a quote that actually caught my eye the most when I decided to go through recruitment:

“We didn’t come to college to find our husbands, we came to find our BRIDESMAIDS”

That is exactly what happened for Daynelys. She was accompanied by her closest friends which, of course, included her sisters of Theta Phi Alpha as she tied the knot yesterday, June 23, 2012. The wedding was at the Newport Beachside Resort in Sunny Isles, FL and the happy couple was married right on the beach in front of their family and friends. They walked down the isle as Mr. and Mrs. to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole.

Bride’s Family Photo!
Elyse (Big), Daynelys (Little) Halle (Grand-Little)

 She even had our sorority’s colors as her wedding colors! Blue and Yellow have never looked so beautiful!


They were married at 6:30 and luckily the Florida summer rain held out just for her! It rained immediately after they finished their husband and wife wedding photos.

Photos were taken by Adam Opris Photography. He is a FANTASTIC photographer and none other than our sister Celeste’s boyfriend.

Congratulations again DayDay, WE LOVE YOU!

Memories from 2011-2012 :)

Here is just a snippet from the thousands of memories made and photos taken this past academic school year. Enjoy! I know we did 🙂

“From the outside looking in, you can never understand it; From the inside looking out, you can never explain it.”
Theta Phi Alpha, it’s more than a house, it’s a HOME

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of our wonderful Theta Phi Alpha Dads. Thank you for all that you do for us!

This past founder’s day we were extremely happy to host a Father Daughter tailgate to kickoff the festivities. There was food, games and lots of fantastic memories created.

No matter how old we get Dads, we will always be your little girls!

Some of our Dad’s wishing us a Happy 100th Birthday.

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Happy 100 Years to Theta Phi Alpha!

In honor of our 100th year of sisterhood, people from all over got together to say Happy Birthday 🙂


A little bit about our founding:

On August 30th 1912 Theta Phi Alpha was founded at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor by the following women:

  • Dorothy Caughey Phalan
  • Katrina Caughey Ward
  • Mildred Connely
  • Selma Gilday
  • Otilia Leuchtweis O’Hara
  • Amelia McSweeney
  • Camilla Ryan Sutherland
  • Helen Ryan Quinlan
  • May C. Ryan
  • Eva Stroh Bauer Everson

Because so often schools were not in session on this date, Theta Phi Alpha nationally celebrates its founders day on St. Catherine of Sienna’s feast day, April 30th.


Hello and Welcome to Theta Phi Alpha’s new blog! We are so very excited to start this new way of keeping everyone informed of upcoming events, news and topics from our chapter here at FAU. We look forward to a fantastic Fall semester and hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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